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The Federal Reserve recently raised key short-term interest rates and maintained the current forecast for three hikes this year. The rising rates not only signals a strengthening economy, but it also has specific meaning for the real estate market. Buy Sooner Than Later to Save on Mortgage Payments With rates rising, the best time to … Continue Reading

Miami Luxury Home Sales Rise in February 2018

On April 2, 2018
by Miami Real Estate

The Miami luxury condo and home market is experiencing a period of demand, according to the Miami Association of REALTORS® and the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) system. Miami existing condo sales rose for the fourth consecutive month in February of this year while luxury condos priced at one million and up saw an increase in … Continue Reading

Top Luxury Interior Home Design Trends of 2018

On March 14, 2018
by Miami Real Estate

Every year we see new interior design trends come into the luxury market and 2018 is the year of maximalism. For fashionable, chic interiors think of bold colors, mixed finishes, lots of texture, geometric patterns, and accessories. Here are a few ways you can incorporate this year’s hottest home interior design trends. The Glamour of … Continue Reading

3 Ways to Stage a Bedroom for Different Buyers

On February 20, 2018
by Miami Real Estate

When preparing to sell a home, one of the top items on my priority list is making sure that it is properly staged. Staging can have a profoundly positive impact on the purchase price. Many people focus on staging the common areas, but it’s equally important to stage the bedrooms to help buyers see how … Continue Reading

3 Things to Know About Miami Property Tax Payments in 2018

On February 1, 2018
by Miami Real Estate

Owning a property is a financial commitment that takes proper planning. One annual expense that’s guaranteed is property taxes. It’s imperative that homeowners in Miami are aware of their responsibility in paying these taxes appropriately and on time. Here are three important factors to know about property taxes in Miami. Tax Year and Annual Notices … Continue Reading

Florida Homestead Exemption Overview

On January 18, 2018
by Miami Real Estate

It’s the beginning of the year and financial planning is on everyone’s minds. In Florida, property owners are eligible for discounts on their property taxes based on their homestead qualifications and property ownership status. Here are a few points to keep in mind about Florida’s homestead exemption. 1. Qualification All legal Florida residents are eligible to … Continue Reading

Build Your Luxury Home Gym in 2018

On January 5, 2018
by Miami Real Estate

We’re at the start of another New Year, and it’s time to focus on those resolutions for 2018. We know a popular goal for the beginning of the year is to get that body in shape. If you are a busy homeowner, bring the gym to you. Here are the essentials that you need to … Continue Reading

3 Ways to Use Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year in Your Home

On December 22, 2017
by Miami Real Estate

The highly anticipated color of the year has been revealed, and it’s nothing short of bold and fearless. Ultra Violet is the color of 2018, and we’re excited about all the ways that we can use this stunningly regal color in the home. This blue-tinted purple will leave your houseguests swooning if used in the … Continue Reading

Miami’s Real Estate Forecast Looks Good for 2018

On December 13, 2017
by Miami Real Estate

The last part of 2017 brought some challenges to the real estate market in South Florida after Hurricane Irma, but in true South Florida fashion, we are showing our resiliency. With year-round sunshine, endless water views, and global access to major business markets, the desire to own property in Miami shows no signs of losing … Continue Reading

Three Reasons to Shop for a Home During the Holidays

On November 29, 2017
by Miami Real Estate

The holidays are a great time for parties, shopping, and home buying! If you are in the market for a new house, this time of year may be the best time to acquire your dream home. Here’s why. Less Competition Holiday time is a busy time for everyone. Luckily for homebuyers, this means that the … Continue Reading